Strengthen & restore

These courses are dedicated to improving your strength and mobility from head to toe.

If you love to move and to challenge yourself, but find that things don’t move as well as they used to, these group classes are for you. We build up sequences over a 7 week series that will mobilise and strengthen your whole body, but won’t aggravate back or joint pain and are safe for those with reduced bone-density (osteoporosis), osteo-arthritis, joint replacements or disc issues.

Taking some of the traditional elements of the Pilates Matwork and getting creative from there, we use a variety of props and small equipment to safely challenge your balance and co-ordination. We combine mat-based exercise with standing work, using the large and small exercise balls, magic circles, hand weights and resistance bands.

The small size of the group, just 6 people in each class, means that we can keep an eye on everyone’s needs and make sure that you are all working to achieve the maximum benefit.

Feel taller and more at ease, better able to do everything that you’ve always done and want to continue to do without strain.

Please contact us to make your reservations, both new and existing clients.

Group Pilates Mat Timetable

Strengthen and Restore Pilates mat.JPG
Strengthen and Restore Pilates mat.jpg