Session prices for 2019

(*fees for shared sessions are given per person)

Private Training - apparatus & mat

Single 1 hour Private Training session £47

10 x 1 hour Private Training sessions £423
(valid for 12 months)

5 x 1 hour Private Training sessions £223.25
(valid for 12 months)


Duet Training* - apparatus & mat

Single 1 hour Duet Training session £29

10 x 1 hour Duet Training sessions £261
(valid for 12 months)

5 x 1 hour Duet Training sessions £137.75
(valid for 12 months)


Intro sessions for new clients

(1 pricing option per client, new or existing, first visit to the apparatus studio)

Introductory one-to-one session for new clients £37

3 x one to one sessions for new clients £101
(valid for 3 months)

Introductory duet* session for new clients £23

3 x intro duet* sessions for new clients £64
(valid for 3 months)


Personal Practice* - apparatus & mat

Single practice session £21

Regular Practice Package £212.50
9 practice sessions + 1 private training session at half price
(valid for 12 months)


Group Matwork Courses*

Core Fundamentals, Strengthen & Restore, Precision & Flow

6 week course £74.40
(Courses vary from 6-8 weeks, approximately on school half terms. You can check upcoming course dates and lengths here)



Each workshop is priced individually, please refer to the details for each event for the prices.

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Cancellation policy, package validity, booking terms

All Private, Duet and Personal Practice bookings:
To change or cancel your Private, Duet or Personal Practice booking, please ensure we receive a minimum 24 hours notice by phone, email or via your app or online booking page when it becomes available.

Changes and cancellations made within 24 hours of the start of your booked session and 'no-shows' will be charged as if you had attended.

From the date of first use, multiple class packages are non-refundable and carry a time limit.

Group Mat Courses:
Course fees are for the Group Mat Course in its entirety (according to its advertised dates) and we do not make any adjustments for missed classes. Payments are due 7 days before the Monday of the week in which your course begins and from that point, your payment is final and non-refundable.

Should you know that you are unable to attend and give us notice before the class begins, we may, subject to availability, be able to offer you a catch up class within the current course dates.

Please note that we are unable to roll catch up classes into subsequent courses and any catch ups are offered on a best-effort basis. No adjustments to your course fee or future credits will be made in lieu of catch up classes.

Duets are a joint commitment by you and a friend or partner to a two-person session. We may be able to pair you up with a class partner, but you need to organise your schedules together. Should one person in a duet cancel with more than 24 hours notice, the other person will be given the option to upgrade to a 1-1 Private Training for an additional fee, or to reschedule the class. If one person gives less than 24 hours notice, we will charge that person and teach the other as per your original booking.

Personal Practice - minimum number:
We need a minimum of 2 booked clients to run a Personal Practice session. If, 24 hours ahead of the start of the class, there is only 1 client booked, we will make that session a 1-1 Private Training, either using that portion of the payment package or for an additional fee. Otherwise we will give the option to reschedule into a different session that week.