Precision & flow

Courses designed for those familiar with the original Matwork repertoire.

You’re able to take a Roll Up from the mat without modification, you know your way around the Abdominal Series of Five and are good friends with the Spine Stretch Forward. Now we will flow through the sequences that you know well, giving you a vigorous and full-bodied workout and progressing through the Intermediate series.

You’ll be diving upside down into the Rollover, Scissors & Bicycle and kicking your way through Side Kicks Kneeling and Leg Pulls galore. With plenty of individual attention in these small classes for up to 6 people, we’re aiming for you to be confident enough to practise at home between sessions.

You will develop your flexibility and control to progress into increasingly challenging exercises, demanding a high level of concentration as you work your whole body against gravity.

Please contact us to make your reservations, both new and existing clients.

Group Pilates Mat Timetable

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