Enlightened Body Pilates exercise programmes

We will work with you to tailor your new programme to suit your lifestyle, your budget and your goals. There is no such thing as 'not being bendy enough' or 'being too uncoordinated' for Pilates - that is what we're here to teach you and help you develop.

When you start your new exercise programme with us, we love you to begin with a few one-to-one sessions, regardless of whether you’re thinking of group mat courses or apparatus workouts in the longer run. Carefully, we watch you move, listen to your goals and any concerns and begin to teach you the basics of the work.

Once you’ve got a few one-to-one sessions under your belt, you’re in a good position to either join a weekly group mat course, to share your apparatus sessions, or in an ideal world, both! We’ll help you choose what works for you.

If you are new to the studio, please contact us to make your initial booking. Existing clients can use our online booking or, of course, contact us too.

Our Group Mat Courses

Our group mat courses are pretty bespoke - just 6 clients maximum per group. It's really important to us to get you in the right class type for your goals, so if we can get you in for an initial 1-1 Private Training to help us decide with you first, even better.

Our courses are typically 7 consecutive weeks and we presently have 20 levelled classes on the schedule spanning both daytimes and evenings. Find out more about our three different class types below and then drop us a line to reserve your space.

Strengthen & restore

Core fundamentals

Precision & flow

Strengthen and Restore Pilates group class.JPG

Beginner, Improver and onwards

Challenging Pilates-based workouts that improve your flexibility, balance and strength, whilst working around any aches and pains.

Core Fundamentals

Beginner to Improver

Join a small group of beginners for progressive workouts over 7 weeks where you will learn the nuts and bolts of the Pilates Matwork.

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Intermediate to Advanced

Group workouts that challenge you to refine your technique and deepen your Matwork, progressing into more challenging sequences.

Pilates Apparatus Options and Delving Deeper

Pilates Mat is just the tip of the iceberg. Joseph Pilates created his method using large studio apparatus with sometimes surprising names like the Reformer or the Cadillac. Here you'll get to grips with both gravity and spring resistance, the apparatus offering clear tactile feedback and resistance to improve your form and strength session by session. Workout privately or in a small shared practice session.

Private training

Personal practice


Private Training

Apparatus and Mat: 1-1 teaching

Private training is 100% you-time, taking you right to the heart and origin of the Pilates Method using both the apparatus and mat.

Personal Pilates Practice.JPG

Apparatus and Mat: 3 clients maximum

Stretch yourself further with regular practice of your own mat and apparatus programme in these closely supervised sessions.


Explore more...

Our regular workshops give you a chance to delve a little deeper, drawing on specialist skills from our own and from guest teachers.