Personal practice

Flexible sessions for you to become more independent with your regular equipment training.

You’ll work under close supervision from your usual teacher, sharing the apparatus studio with up to 2 other people. Book your sessions to suit you, no need to commit to a fixed time each week.

These sessions are ideal for clients who know their basic workout programme well and can take the initiative of moving from one sequence to the next. Your teacher will always be on hand to help you get the most from your practice, coaching you with feedback and reminders as you go along and checking safe setup of the equipment.

All clients begin with 1-1 Private Training and your teacher will decide along you when you are ready to join the apparatus practice sessions. You will continue to take regular Private Training sessions as part of your package, to learn and refine new sequences, keeping your practice fresh and up to date with your developing goals.

Apparatus practice sessions are also a great addition to regular private training sessions, giving you the chance to practise more regularly and to reap the benefits of apparatus practice even more rapidly.

These classes are for current clients only and you can book online or via the studio.

Stable Yard Studio Timetable