Louise Lyus

Pilates Matwork Teacher

Louise Pilates Teacher

I have always been interested in sport and movement and as a youngster I was a keen gymnast and equestrian. However, it wasn't until my late 20's, following severe low back pain and an MRI scan that revealed herniated discs, that I discovered Pilates. It is a movement system which has made me feel fitter, stronger and healthier then ever before. The impact on my own wellbeing was so profound, that I knew I needed to share it with others. 

In 2012 I received my level 3 Diploma in Pilates Matwork. Thirsty for knowledge, in 2015 I completed a bridging teacher training programme with Body Control Pilates®. I am trained to teach pregnant and postnatal clients and I have undertaken continuing professional development in using small props in mat Pilates, and in osteoporosis and bone health. I am also currently part way through a year long anatomy and myofascial movement course with Gary Carter of Natural Bodies. 

I have an eagle eye for precision but also like to believe that my classes are fun, allowing you time and space to truly explore your movement potential. Taking the work of Joseph Pilates and adapting and modifying exercises to suit the needs and desires of individual clients, my classes offer both challenge and variety. 

I love the many positive effects of Pilates on my clients, whether that be a greater awareness and improvement of posture and alignment; improved emotional wellbeing; greater physical fitness or just a deeper appreciation of the body's capabilities.

Rachel Merga

Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

I am a fully certified Pilates teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. I trained in the United States in 2005 through Power Pilates, New York City and I have taught Pilates clients and workshops internationally.

My approach to Pilates is the Classical Method. This is to teach you the systematic series of exercise movements in the manner in which Joseph Pilates originally designed his system of physical training. Progress through the system is individual and the focus is on helping your body to move optimally for you. With compassionate understanding, experienced knowledge and thoughtful use of the specialised Classical Pilates equipment, I will cater the training to your individual needs and provide you with personalised attention for your situation.

Whether you are suffering from a stiff back from working at a computer or are recovering from an injury, if you are looking to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina for a particular activity or you are wanting a general improvement in your wellbeing, I will guide you through the Classical Pilates work in a competent, caring, fun and instructive way.

I have a background in dance and I am a graduate natural food chef.

Katharine Moran

Studio director, Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

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I confess. I am a movement nerd. Delight in movement is with me every day in my teaching. I'm demanding, yes, but I believe that if you can thoroughly understand the basics in your body, then the rest of what you want to do will come with ease. So I spend time and energy on those basics with you, focusing your attention on how and what to move for each sequence. Patience is rewarded, and I'll be the one jumping and whooping for joy when you do your first smooth Roll Up or I see the surprise on your face when you seemingly levitate into Magician.

My mission in my work is to empower you to be more at home in your own body, to eventually become your own best teacher through experience. And as you go along you might just go down a clothes size as a happy side-effect.

I have researched, analysed and taught movement in some form for more than 20 years now, first as a dancer, then as a rehearsal director and then a teacher at London's biggest conservatoire for dance.

Since 2005, I have taught Pilates to all sorts of people. I love that my day is as varied as those people. What they all have in common is a desire to invest in themselves and I will share in that investment.

As well as being a fully certified Pilates teacher, trained in both Matwork (2005) and Apparatus (2009) with the Pilates Foundation, I am a certified MOTR (formerly Core Fitness Roller) teacher and specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates teacher. Continuing Professional Development highlights have included Bone Health & Pilates for Osteoporosis and more recently taking every opportunity to delve into the historical context and original work of Joseph Pilates' method. I have also served on the Examinations Board of the Pilates Foundation.

Hadas Reshef

Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

For me, Pilates is giving back to my body what it needs to continue serving me through the day: one hour of concentrating on breathing and the way my body moves and flows, giving my mind peace and energy to face the daily rush.

Finding balance is always a challenge in life, but through Pilates we nurture balance within our bodies. During practice, together we will challenge both the body and mind to find a strong centre whilst lifting the spirit, leaving you with an after-class glow.

I started to practise Pilates whilst studying Occupational Therapy and I find many parallels between my two professions. In my classes, I bring knowledge of how every-day function is affected by pain or difficulty in movement. Finding the right challenge for the client, a fundamental concept in OT, is my goal during class.

I trained to teach Pilates Matwork (2008) and Apparatus (2010) in Israel, and have undertaken courses for continued professional development including specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates, dance Pilates and Pilates for kids and youth.