Meet the teaching team…

From a team of just one back in 2013, we have grown into a team of 7 highly trained and experienced teachers, each bringing our own perspective and experience to the work whilst staying firmly rooted in the methodology set down by Joseph and Clara Pilates. Between us we can trace our lineage via several routes directly back to Joe Pilates himself, having trained ourselves with some of the most influential teachers of teachers.

Nicki Stumpf

Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

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I became a fully qualified Pilates teacher following my studies in the Classical Method of Pilates. My training began in Holland, completing the second half of the program with Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari in 2002 in New York.

Upon completion I remained in New York to work at Romana’s studio before returning to Europe. Caught by the travel bug, I decided to travel and teach for a while, starting in London before a short stint in Vienna followed by a year backpacking and the opportunity to teach in a studio on Australia’s East Coast for a few months, returning once again at the end of my travels to teach in New York.

Settling back in Vienna, where I had previously danced with the Vienna State Ballet Company between 1992 – 2002, I taught in local Pilates studios and completed various continuing education seminars and workshops with Michael Fritzke, Ton Voogt and Brett Howard. I opened a small Pilates studio in my own home in 2007, eventually returning to the UK in 2019 when I joined the Enlightened Body Pilates team.

It was only towards the end of my dance career that I discovered Pilates, and all the delights of its method. I love the combination of precision and flow of movement and I seek to bring both of these attributes into my classes in equal measure. My goal is to get you to work at your full potential, improve your posture and overall sense of well-being.

Linda Webb

Pilates Matwork Teacher

I have always been interested in movement and the body. Many years ago, I trained in Swedish body and Indian head massage, and have kept myself active with everything from Tai Chi to running, cycling to ballet. I believe it is important for us to invest in our body; a little bit of time, discipline and consideration will help us to keep living an active and independent life.

Having sustained a back injury whilst living in Canada, I came to the realisation that I wanted a career which would benefit me as well as others and give me the tools I needed to be able to look after my own body.

I first started Pilates in the form of ‘Ballates’ - a class run by my former ballet teacher. After a move back to Canada I continued classes and began to investigate teacher training. I decided I wanted to train with the Pilates Foundation, and enrolled as soon as I could once back in the UK.

I am influenced by both Classical and Contemporary Pilates methods and have been fortunate to be immersed in both throughout my training. I am enthusiastic about other movement techniques, but am glad to have made Pilates my foundation to build upon.

I joined Enlightened Body in May 2019, having completed my Matwork training with the Pilates Foundation, followed by a level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates.

Charlotte Moorley

Pilates Matwork Teacher

Having worked in design and architecture for (a lot of) years, where I used Pilates as a way to cope with the stress of life, I decided to retrain and follow a path that I love - hoping to pass this love and enthusiasm on to my clients. Weirdly, there are a lot of similarities to draw on from my previous life; my understanding of structure, eye for detail, symmetry and internal level measure has come in very useful. It also means that I understand what it can be like to rush to a class when you would rather head home and flop.

As a result I want my classes to be fun and informative, to teach you the Pilates Method, strengthening those small internal muscles that hold us all together, to allow you to build a body that is organised and works as effectively as it can for now and a long way into the future.

I am a certified Pilates Foundation Matwork teacher with a Level 3 Diploma and am in the process of gaining my Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates Teacher certification. I have taught at Enlightened Body Pilates since February 2019. My enthusiasm for Pilates stems from the apparent simplicity of following a series of exercises, yet after many years of practising myself I am still finding new variations and making new connections in my own body.

To teach Pilates is to try and convey to my clients some of these subtleties: to allow individuals to find their own internal dialogue which hopefully translates outside of our classes into understanding patterns and movement in day-to-day life, making adjustments and finding a comfortable and useful way to live in the body we inhabit.

Hadas Reshef

Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher


For me, Pilates is giving back to my body what it needs to continue serving me through the day: one hour of concentrating on breathing and the way my body moves and flows, giving my mind peace and energy to face the daily rush.

Finding balance is always a challenge in life, but through Pilates we nurture balance within our bodies. During practice, together we will challenge both the body and mind to find a strong centre whilst lifting the spirit, leaving you with an after-class glow.

I started to practise Pilates whilst studying Occupational Therapy and I find many parallels between my two professions. In my classes, I bring knowledge of how every-day function is affected by pain or difficulty in movement. Finding the right challenge for the client, a fundamental concept in OT, is my goal during class.

I trained to teach Pilates Matwork (2008) and Apparatus (2010) in Israel, and have undertaken courses for continued professional development including specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates, dance Pilates and Pilates for kids and youth. I joined Enlightened Body Pilates in 2016.

Rachel Merga

Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

I am a fully certified Pilates teacher with over 14 years of teaching experience. I trained in the United States in 2005 through Power Pilates, New York City under Bob Liekens and Susan Moran and I have taught Pilates clients and workshops internationally, joining the Enlightened Body Pilates team in 2016.

My approach to Pilates is the Classical Method. This is to teach you the systematic series of exercise movements in the manner in which Joseph Pilates originally designed his system of physical training. Progress through the system is individual and the focus is on helping your body to move optimally for you. With compassionate understanding, experienced knowledge and thoughtful use of the specialised Classical Pilates equipment, I will cater the training to your individual needs and provide you with personalised attention for your situation.

Whether you are suffering from a stiff back from working at a computer or are recovering from an injury, if you are looking to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina for a particular activity or you are wanting a general improvement in your wellbeing, I will guide you through the Classical Pilates work in a competent, caring, fun and instructive way.

I have a background in dance and I am a graduate natural food chef.

Louise Lyus

Pilates Matwork Teacher, Apprentice Pilates Apparatus Teacher


I am a certified Pilates Matwork teacher (Level 3 Diploma 2012 & Body Control Pilates 2015) and am currently undertaking a fully comprehensive classical teacher training programme in London with Romana’s Pilates (2019-2020). I am a specialist in pre & post natal Pilates and have advanced my professional development by attending specific training in areas including bone health and anatomy and myofascial movement. I have taught at Enlightened Body Pilates since 2016.

I have an eagle eye for precision but also like to believe that my classes are fun, allowing you time and space to truly explore your movement potential. Taking the work of Joseph Pilates and adapting and modifying exercises to suit the needs and desires of individual clients, my classes offer both challenge and variety. 

I love the many positive effects of Pilates on my clients, whether that be a greater awareness and improvement of posture and alignment; improved emotional wellbeing; greater physical fitness or just a deeper appreciation of the body's capabilities.

Katharine Moran

Studio director, Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Teacher

More information

I have researched, analysed and taught movement in some form for approaching 25 years, first as a dancer, then as a rehearsal director, later joining the Dance Faculty at Trinity Laban, London's biggest conservatoire for dance.

Since 2005, I have taught Pilates to all sorts of people. I love that my day is as varied as those people. What they all have in common is a desire to invest in themselves and I will share in that investment.

My mission in my work is to empower you to be more at home in your own body, to eventually become your own best teacher through experience. And as you go along you might just go down a clothes size as a happy side-effect.

As well as being a fully certified Pilates teacher, trained in both Matwork (2005) and Apparatus (2009) with the Pilates Foundation, I am a specialist Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates teacher. Continuing Professional Development highlights have included Bone Health & Pilates for Osteoporosis with Sherri Betz and more recently delving into the historical context and original work of Joseph Pilates' method, (known widely as the Classical Pilates Method) taking several study days with Benjamin Degenhardt. I have also served on the Examinations Board of the Pilates Foundation.

Enlightened Body Pilates grew out of my independently-run classes in London and then South Somerset, settling at our current premises in 2013.