Deepen your regular practice and get even more from your workouts.

We're all passionate about what we teach and our regular full-morning workshops give us a chance to share even more of our knowledge with you.

We draw on specialist skills from our own teaching team and also invite hand-picked guest teachers, many of whom travel nationally and internationally to teach.

Workshops are usually physical, but may include a certain amount of more theoretical investigation too, perhaps giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with a skeleton in order to better understand your own body.

We like to introduce you to different approaches to movement, encouraging you to try methods that appeal to your way of learning.

Most workshops are tailored to our clients and to other members of the public who are ‘movers’ and would like to explore further.

We also run and host workshops for teachers, a chance to gain valuable Continuing Professional Development and also to share working practice and keep up to date with our peers.

Stable Yard Pilates studio workshops timetable

Franklin Method Breathing Workshop @ Enlightened Body Pilates.jpg
Franklin Method shoulder workshop