Core fundamentals

Group courses in Matwork allow you to learn in a regular, structured and progressive way.

We teach classes as a series (typically over 7 weeks), building on skills week by week so that you not only learn what the Matwork exercises are, but far more importantly, how to do them in a way that benefits your body.

In the Core Fundamentals classes, you'll learn the fundamental principles and sequences of the Pilates Matwork whilst enjoying a strong, steady and progressive workout, learning what goes where in each exercise and how to get there.

These courses are designed specifically for beginners (at Intro Level) and improvers, and with just 6 people in each group, we aim to give you as much personalised feedback as possible to help you reach your goals.

You will work on increasing strength and suppleness in all your joints and muscle groups, whilst increasing your body awareness and understanding of efficient movement, so that what felt challenging at the beginning of a course becomes easy to achieve by the end.

Please contact us to make your reservations, both new and existing clients.

Group Pilates Mat Timetable

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