What's this Pilates Apparatus about then?

You may have noticed we're getting a bit excited about our specialist Pilates apparatus at the moment, so what's it all about then?

The Pilates apparatus, or equipment, is not to be confused with the small props used in mat classes (such as small and large balls, Magic Circles, stretch bands and the rest). This LARGE apparatus is how Joseph Pilates originally created his method, coming up for 100 years ago...

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Welcome to our beautiful new Pilates studio

We are absolutely thrilled to be expanding into the whole of our beautiful grade II listed barn conversion in the Stable Yard at Woodhayes.

Only 16 months after setting up the first Pilates equipment studio and Matwork studio upstairs in the Stable Yard, we’ve grown enough to take on a bigger equipment studio, significantly increase the size of the group Matwork studio and add reception and changing facilities...

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