#MarchMATness2018 ponderings on #onelegstretch

Sometimes the answer stares you in the face...

I was joking with some clients this morning about how Joe's names for his exercises are often really simple and clear - 'it does what it says on the tin' kind of blunt.

Today is the #onelegstretch. So we S T R E T C H one leg right?

So why is this often taught as the first in the 'abdominal series' if it's a leg stretch according to Joe?

I am not lacking bend in my hips, so usually I don't get any stretch sensation if I pull a bent leg to my chest. HOWEVER, today, courtesy of every leg-biased exercise I can think of on the apparatus from the lovely Rachel yesterday, I can REALLY feel the stretch in the back of the hip and thigh as I pull my leg in. And it feels so needed!

So today I'm not thinking of this as an abdominal exercise as I've been taught to do so often (yes, OK, @BenjDegenhardt taught it to me as a stretch, but sometimes I don't hear until I'm ready). And I'm enjoying my SINGLE LEG S T R E T C H and looking forward to tomorrow.