Biomechanics Screenings with Gillian Smart

What’s it about?

As a Biomechanics Coach, Gillian will apply an evidence based measuring system and simple corrective techniques in order to regain balance and function, working towards optimal performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Who’s it for?

Biomechanics screenings are aimed at all people who want to get the most from their body and those who already fit and active will have much to gain as well as those who are on their way to being more active. It is important to note that it's not a therapeutic or treatment process, however those with some current discomfort may find symptoms improve.

A 3 week programme at £120 comprises:

  • an initial and two further review screens at weekly intervals
  • a straightforward, tailored home exercise programme based on your screen results
  • documentation of your results and progress for you to keep and refer back to

What will happen?

An initial screen lasts for approximately 1 hour and a record is made of your current physical function and range, focusing firstly on the spine and pelvis. Areas of possible dysfunction are identified and you will be shown exercises for home practice that encourage those areas to become uninhibited.

What next?

A programme of strengthening exercises specific to your needs can be created once the foundations of your body are fully working, ensuring that the risk of injury is reduced as far as possible, and maximising your intrinsic biomechanical efficiency.

How can I book?

Please make your initial enquiries directly to the Enlightened Body studio via or in person at the studio.

Screenings are then by appointment directly with Gillian and will begin from April 3rd.