What's this Pilates Apparatus about then?

You may have noticed we're getting a bit excited about our specialist Pilates apparatus at the moment, so what's it all about then?

The Pilates apparatus, or equipment, is not to be confused with the small props used in mat classes (such as small and large balls, Magic Circles, stretch bands and the rest). This LARGE apparatus is how Joseph Pilates originally created his method, coming up for 100 years ago. The Matwork series was something he intended his clients to do at home between their regular apparatus-based studio sessions. We love the Matwork here, but adding the apparatus work to your practice will really take you to the next level.


Let us introduce you to a few bits - it's got some fairly surprising names:

The Reformer
(Joe called it his Universal Reformer)

The Cadillac  (aka the Trapeze Table)

The Cadillac
(aka the Trapeze Table)

The Wunda Chair
(we also have 'combi chairs' shown here, which are an evolution of the original design)

The unique thing about the Pilates apparatus is the use of springs. Opening and recoiling the springs with your body gives you sensory feedback which teaches you how to move with control and precision. Far from being just a set of resistance devices, Joe Pilates is said to have intended this lot to act as a second teacher, you learn in a very visceral way from the physical experience of moving on and with the equipment. If you don't control the recoil of the spring, the Reformer's moving carriage will tell you so in no uncertain terms. As you learn to control the action, you will feel the physical engagement required.

The apparatus studio is great for absolutely everyone, whether you're right at the beginning of your Pilates journey or a seasoned Matwork practitioner. We can tailor your session to your needs if you are pregnant, training for your first marathon or recuperating from injury. The number of choices we have in tailoring your programme is staggering.

More and more of our clients who started with us in the Matwork studio are adding regular equipment-based training to their programmes, and I think without exception, are revelling in the results.


So why are we so excited right now?

Because we have more! More of us teaching on the equipment, more sessions available including sought after evening sessions and more equipment in two separate studios so that we can run two sessions simultaneously, effectively doubling up the timetable.

Are you ready to move a little outside your realm of experience?

Come and join us, we'd love to work with you!

See the apparatus studio timetable and package prices and drop us a line to reserve your space.