So what is Enlightened Body Pilates?

It's a brighter way to exercise, one that we believe you'll stick with once you start, because as humans we want to move, and moving well keeps us living well.

At Enlightened Body Pilates, it's all about moving. Moving your body with ease, with joy and with power. We believe that we all had an innate curiosity about moving and being physical early in our lives, and we're here to help you reconnect with that, whatever stage of life you are at now.

We're here to make your exercise programme better, not just harder. When you really understand what you can do in your body, you'll feel better in your own skin, be more comfortable, more confident in life.

We will encourage you to push your limits, always with an eye on quality over quantity. You may well begin to notice your clothes fitting differently, that you walk taller, or that you walk further. Because we're teaching you to move from the inside out, these are no quick-fix solutions, we're making profound changes to last a lifetime.

Our studio

Stable Yard Pilates studio

Our teachers

Experienced, fully accredited teachers